Bagi peminat SSTV di VHF.. anda boleh tune 145.800mhz. Stesen ISS!

At the same time I would also pick up fresh photos from the ISS international space station space together will send scheduled SSTV Thai country over here (calculate qth Bangkok) 18 Dec 21.45-21.51. Am a very low angle ** ** 23.19-23.30? : 00.59-01.03 Dec 19: 00. ** very low angle **

20. Dec 21.39-21.48 23.15 hrs-23.25 Hrs.

SSTV mode will be PD180 on 145.800 MHz with 3 minute off periods

Cr. Lung Chau

To load the program at

Load Android app at

Watch the preview picture that sends down from the iss at

In the past, not only the ISS image SSTV amateur radio frequencies in the Mir space station era, it has been sending images live from the space station during the past year, many visit 2543 (2000) phot-2541 (1998). available at

Credit: Uncle Chau